Why Would You Want A Hosted Minecraft Server?

A group of Minecraft villagers wonder why they need a hosted Minecraft world

Our company offers a place to host Minecraft servers for anyone who would like to pay for a server. The question you might ask is: “Why would I bother wanting a hosted Minecraft server? We can already play together through the Minecraft game without paying extra!” That is a very good question!

A group of Minecraft villagers wonder why they need a hosted Minecraft world

What Is Minecraft Server Hosting?

Minecraft server hosting means having a Minecraft world that is always on and available. This world runs on a computer that a company like ours runs and maintains. Other companies that do this include Apex Hosting and Shockbyte. We make sure that the computer is always available over the internet and is always on and up to date.

What are the benefits of Minecraft Server Hosting?

Normally when you play Minecraft you start the game then load your world. If you want a friend to join your world you have to make sure that the world is loaded and figure out any connection problems. This happens every time you want to play with a friend. To solve this, turn to Minecraft server hosting. You get:

  • A Minecraft world that is always on
  • An “allow list” that says who is allowed on the server and blocks everyone else
  • Only having to setup the server connection once on the device you play on
  • Being able to play on a world with a friend without them having to be on to host it
  • Building a Minecraft SMP community

Parents – why do you want a hosted Minecraft server?

If you aren’t too sure about what Minecraft is we have an introduction to Minecraft for parents here. From there, there are two main reasons that parents would want a hosted Minecraft world:

  • Being sure the only people that can join the world are your child’s friends
  • Cutting out the communication and impatience involved in getting your child on with their friends.

I (Taylor, the owner of Taylor Built Solutions) have run into a lot of problems with my son trying to connect with his friends. He, at the time of writing this article, is 7 years old and is at the age where he is figuring out how to deal with anger and frustration. Minecraft and connection problems have caused some major frustration problems for him. Solving this frustration is a major reason that I started this adventure into Minecraft hosting. If this was a problem for me I thought that it might be a problem for other parents as well.

What Is A Minecraft SMP?

When talking about Minecraft “SMP” stands for “Survival Multi Player”. There are a lot of popular SMPs our there such as Hermitcraft which have large communities that build out really impressive structures. If you’re looking to build a community around Minecraft hosting your SMP with us is a great option to get started.


If you’ve been playing Minecraft with your friends and you want to make the process of getting online easier, get in touch with us on our pricing page to get your world started! You can also use the contact form below with the type of server you’d like and we’ll get back to you with pricing. Select Bedrock Edition if you’re using something like a Nintendo Switch or Xbox (or know that you’re using Bedrock edition on a PC) or Java Edition if you’re on a PC and know you’re using Java Edition.

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