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Is your Minecraft world backed up? If so you can restore the world even if if goes up in flames like this iron golem

How To Create A Backup Schedule For Your Minecraft Server In Pterodactyl

If you have a Minecraft world that you’ve spent time building, it is important to back up that world. There are many things that could happen on your world that might make you want to restore it to a previous state (a creeper destroying something you’ve built for example). As part of our Minecraft hosting…
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A group of Minecraft villagers wonder why they need a hosted Minecraft world

Intro To Minecraft For Parents

So your kids are playing or asking about Minecraft. What is Minecraft all about? And what is a creeper? This is an intro to Minecraft to help out!

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Git Stash – A Quick Primer

git stash is a great way to store a set of changes temporarily while accomplishing another task. For a quick primer, read this post!

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Uploading a Minecraft Bedrock World To A Server With Pterodactyl

If you purchased a Minecraft Bedrock server with us and want to continue on a world you’ve already played on, check here for how to upload it!

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Minecraft Hosting With Pterodactyl Panel

We are now using the Pterodactyl Panel to provide you with a great experience interacting with your hosted Minecraft world!

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PfSense VLANs and Access Between VLANs

VLANs are a great way to separate devices into sandboxes. Here’s how you set them up in PfSense and separate them with firewall rules.

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Adding Someone To A Minecraft Allowlist

Adding a player to the allow list of a Minecraft server is as easy as running “whitelist add “. Check this post for instructions on enabling the allow list.

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How To Connect A Nintendo Switch To A Private Minecraft Server

Would you like to play on a private Minecraft server on your Switch? Here’s how!

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HAProxy & Nginx – Health Check Method

When setting up HAProxy as a reverse proxy for my Nginx web servers I found I had to use the GET method instead of OPTIONS. Here’s what happened!

A group of Minecraft villagers wonder why they need a hosted Minecraft world

Why Would You Want A Hosted Minecraft Server?

Why would you want a hosted Minecraft world? To make playing with your friends easier!