Minecraft Java Servers Are Now Available!

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Recently I’ve setup a computer lab in my garage. My aim was to teach myself admin skills and to provide a Minecraft server for my family. We’re not, however, going to be using nearly all of the power of the servers. Given that I’ve decided to make Minecraft Java servers available to the public. I’d love to help you get a world running for you, your friends, and your family.

Why would you want a Minecraft server at all? See here for information. If you decide that you would like a server you can sign up to for Minecraft Server hosting here!

The prices will be based on the amount of RAM available to the server:

  • 2GB – $10/month
  • 3GB – $15/month
  • 4GB – $20/month

If you’d like me to manage things on the server for you (including version upgrades, mod installs, whitelist player addition/removal) it will be an additional $15 per month. This service fee can be added or removed on a monthly basis as needed.

There are many other companies that offer Minecraft Java edition and Bedrock edition servers. Many offer great service for the cost. As a small business I will be able to provide you with better customer service than many of those companies. I can help you get your server running, help you get mods installed and running, and help manage it for you..

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