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Git Merge: To Squash Or Fast-Forward?

When merging branches with Git what merge strategy should you use? Fast forward and squash are great options in certain scenarios.

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Software Development and Testing Process For Embedded Drivers

How do you go about writing software? Join me in this journey through my software development methodology for writing embedded device drivers

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Are Your Timeline Expectations Sensible for your Software Project?

In this post I focus on the creation, delivery, and maintenance of software systems and the timeline expectations generated during project management.

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How I Approach Mentoring A Software Engineering Team

What does my new position as a tech lead entail? I go to meetings! And, more importantly, I mentor the software engineering team I’m a part of.

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You Don’t Know What To Optimize Until Your Profile Your Code

Before you start optimizing a section of code you think is a performance bottleneck prove that it actually is a bottleneck by profiling the code.

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Software Development Always Takes Longer Than You Think

Software development ALWAYS takes longer than expected. There will always be unknowns that crop up. Make sure to plan accordingly.

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Addressing Arguments Against Unit Testing

This post addresses several of the common arguments against taking the time to implement unit testing.

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Convincing a Team to Start Unit Testing

This post in my unit testing series addresses the benefits of unit testing in general and in specific to the roles of Project Management, Developers, and QA.

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Permission To Fail

Giving myself permission to fail has been a struggle for most of my life. Here I cover where this struggle came from, how it affects my work, and how I’ve endeavored to deal with it.

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How Can I Help You Today?

Recently I announced on my personal blog that I’ve started my own company called Taylor R Price, Software Consulting. Given that announcement,I thought it would be wise to give you more information on three things: What I can do for you today Why I can do that for you What I’m excited to learn to do…
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